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Body Treatments

Have you ever wondered if there is a simple and easy way to get rid of stubborn body fat? Diet and exercise can help you lose weight and feel better, but they aren't always effective for everyone. At Live Medspa in Miami, FL, we are here to help you achieve a desirable figure. Our body treatments help to eliminate fat. Compared to other expensive surgical options, these treatments are an excellent non-invasive alternative.


What are body treatments?

Body treatments are procedures designed to treat different aesthetic conditions in our body that we are not satisfied with, such as localized fat, excess weight, flaccid skin, stretch marks, scars, dark areas and more. These treatments can be personalized according to the needs of each person. Many of our treatments may include machines and devices, as well as injected products. in this way we can combine the benefits of both.

What types of body treatments do we offer and benefits?

Different body treatments are good for different things. Each patient will have their personalized plan and we always

recommend several sessions to achieve the goal. we offer treatments such as:


Radiofrequency (RF) therapy is a common non-invasive aesthetic procedure that uses high-frequency alternating current
to heat tissue in the dermis to increase collagen, thereby decreasing skin laxity and photoaging.


Radiofrequency therapy

reverses the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, by inducing tissue remodeling and replenishing depleted collagen. Relieves cellulite and tightens skin. Increases skin elasticity and tightness. Several sessions are recommended.


By releasing sonic energy, an ultrasonic cavitation handpiece allows for the disruption of cellular membranes in adipocytes, or fat cells. The high pressure of the ultrasound waves upon the adipocytes causes a collapse in the cells, and the fatty contents of the cells subsequently leak out into the spaces between cells. Then, the lymphatic system excretes these wastes with the help of a professional to induce lymphatic drainage. Several sessions are recommended.


Body contouring with mesotherapy is an aesthetic treatment that firms, tones, and slims down specific areas with unwanted body fat. It’s a great alternative to liposuction and works wonderfully on both the body and the skin. With mesotherapy, you can reduce unsightly cellulite while also lifting and tightening your most problematic spots. You can get the figure body you want and enhance your self-confidence with the help of this treatment.

Intimate Bleaching

It is a specialized treatment in the whitening of dark areas such as the neck, armpits, elbows, knees, inguinal area, waist, ankles, and some other area with spots. These can be caused by the constant friction of clothing, the use of certain products on the skin, previous treatment that caused it, medications, skin condition and others. A prior evaluation with the professional/esthetician is recommended to determine the most appropriate and effective treatment plan.

Stretch Mark Treatment
A stretch mark is a type of scar that develops when our skin rapidly stretches and shrinks. The abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin that support the skin to break down. The treatment to reduce and improve them is with the combination of microneedles and mesotherapy without needles. With this method we penetrate ingredients into deep layers of the skin that cause cell renewal and restoration. In this way we also hydrate the skin and activate the production of collagen and elastin.

Scar-Bye Treatment

Scar-Bye is a treatment indicated for scars, whether due to a skin injury, acne, or surgery. It is based on the combination of microneedles with specific ingredients to soften and renew the skin. In this way, the scar improves and matches its tone with that of the skin. A prior evaluation with the professional/esthetician is recommended to determine the appropriate treatment plan.


What are the advantages and benefits?

Diet and exercise can get you close to your fitness, beauty, and health goals. However, some individuals find that no matter how strictly they diet or go to the gym, they always manage to accumulate pockets of fat in problematic areas. Body treatments allow you to come closer to your ideal figure and get results that are impossible through diet and exercise alone. Improved Self-Esteem


These treatments can improve your self-esteem by giving you the confidence to wear flattering clothes and a better variety of fashion choices. Targeted fat reduction Hitting the gym is a great way to keep a healthy overall body fat percentage. However, targeted fat reduction through exercise can be painfully challenging, if not impossible. There will always be fat that resists exercise and clings to certain areas. On the other hand, these treatments allow you to transform your body into the shape that flatters you without taking so much time and effort.


No need for downtime
The treatments are non-surgical, which makes them safe and appealing for many individuals. Body treatments help you get rid of the fat you don’t want without going through a lengthy recovery period. Treatments are simple to administer, safe, and you can go back to your routine on the same day. Hassle-Free Treatment sessions typically last between thirty minutes to an hour. You may book an appointment with us without
having to change your weekly schedule. Improve skin condition You can expect a more even skin tone and improved firmness, depending on the area being treated. The result is an overall healthier, desirable, more youthful appearance.

When can I expect to see the results?

You may see results in a short period, depending on the area being treated and your aesthetic goals. For example, you may notice a visual improvement after only two to three sessions, while others may require multiple sessions to observe any changes. We suggest that you schedule your treatments every seven to ten days, with the frequency adjusted based on the results.

Who is a good candidate for body treatments?


It’s essential that you have realistic expectations about what this treatment can do for you. First, you should understand that body treatments are not a weight-reduction treatment. Therefore, you’ll need to be close to your ideal weight when you start the treatment. Our treatments can help you perfect your curves and sculpt your body to get rid of resistant fat.

The best candidate for the treatment is a fit, healthy person committed to an active lifestyle. When you come in for a consultation, we’ll assess your situation and help you decide if contouring is the best option to achieve your cosmetic goals. We want you to be satisfied with your results, so we’ll be careful about setting your expectations and recommending the best treatment that will make you feel confident and successful.

Achieve the body of your dreams We believe that your body should be a source of pride and happiness. Our team can enhance your looks and help you feel great about your body by providing effective cosmetic treatments. We’ll dedicate ourselves to helping you realize
your health and aesthetic goals so that you can have the body of your dreams.

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