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Tired of dull, tired-looking skin? Platelet-rich plasma (or PRP for short) therapy is your solution! Designed to completely revitalize and refresh your skin, PRP therapy at Live Medspa provides you with a radiant glow, restores your skin’s elasticity, and leaves you with softer, smoother skin. 

What Is PRP Therapy? 

Wondering how it works? Here’s the basics: PRP therapy uses your own blood to revitalize your skin. Your trusted provider will take a small sample of your blood (don’t worry–not too much!), centrifuge the sample, and inject the plasma into the desired area! 


What is Micro needling? 

Micro needling is the process of injecting all that good platelet-rich plasma with ultra-fine, tiny needles! The needles inject the PRP deeply into your skin, giving you that glowy, rejuvenated look.  

Why choose PRP? 


Okay, here’s the science; when you enter your late 20s, your body produces less collagen--and collagen is what keeps our skin looking supple and smooth. Collagen levels decrease more and more over time, causing wrinkles and fine lines. PRP therapy enhances collagen production, tightening your skin back up and improving your overall skin tone and texture.  

Okay, got it. What Kind of Issues Does PRP Therapy Treat? 

  • Frown lines 

  • Crow’s feet 

  • Forehead lines 

  • Parentheses (vertical lines and wrinkles that form on both sides of your mouth) 

  • Nasolabial folds (wrinkles are on either side of your nose) 

  • Uneven skin tone/dark spots 

  • Acne scars 

Any other added benefits? 

Since the treatment uses your own blood, it’s all natural! That means no risk of allergies as opposed to other cosmetic injectable treatments. Additionally, no painful recovery time! This treatment is non-surgical; so no general anesthesia. You can go back to your normal day after treatment. 


How fast will I see these results? 


You should see results in about the first week or two! The full result of the treatment should appear anywhere from four to six weeks after your treatment session, after the skin refreshes and heals. 


How Long Do the Results Last? 

Most of our patients see results anywhere from three to five months after their treatment session! However, results may last longer with proper skin care--that means moisturizing with some of our provider recommended, medical grade or premium skin care products, applying a high SPF sunscreen daily, the works.  


Who Is a Suitable Candidate? 


Most of our patients are suitable candidates for this treatment. After your initial consultation, we’ll provide a personalized plan just for you.  

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